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Travel with Care Vision 

Travel with Care's vision is to promote self-care and self-healing, through relaxation and aromatherapy. We hope to guide you through your self-healing journey!‚Äč


Travel with Care was created to promote and to help maintain your mental health, no matter where you are. We do this by focusing on self-care through aromatherapy. 

Self care is very important, and our goal is for you to pay attention to your needs. Maintaining your self-care is known to boost self-esteem, self-awareness, and motivation. You must be happy and healthy in order to have happy and healthy relationships with others. 

Travel with Care introduces travel size self-care essentials including aromatherapy candles, soaps, diffuser oils, natural therapeutic balms for basic aches and pains, and Epsom salts. The goal of Travel with care is for you to travel and enjoy life while maintaining balance and self-care at the same time.

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Mariah Griffo


Ventrecia Smith 

CEO & Owner